Ethos Metaverse - DogeRun Mint

Origin Mystery Egg
-/400 sold

After minting your Doge Egg you can choose to incubate it below to reveal your random origin Doge.

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Mint Avax Classic Doge
-/- minted

One MoonDoge randomly generated using Chainlink's VRF on The AVAX Network

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Doge Egg Incubator  

Your eggs: -
Note: You must approve your Tx before Incubation, Only approve one time!

DogeRun FAQ

Commonly asked Ethos/DogeRun Questions

What is the mint price?

Origin Doges will be minted for 10 AVAX and Classic Doges will be minted for 1 AVAX

How many Doges are there?

There will be 400 Origin Doges for sale and 5,555 Classic Doges for sale.

Why do Origin Doges cost more than Classic Doges?

Origin Doges come with a list of perks and rewards for the holder that will carry through the life of DogeRun. Some perks include free DogeShips, access to future airdrops, reduced breeding fees, reduced crafting fees, and much more!

Why do Origin Doges need to be hatched?

Origin Doges begin in an Origin Ethos Mystery Egg. This Egg can be held or hatched. Hatching these eggs will return a random Moon Doge along with a Hatched Egg Shell NFT. This Egg Shell will be redeemable for DogeShips upon release.

Is the Doge I received random?

Yes, every Doge is 100% randomly distributed by using Chainlink's VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function). Chainlink VRF is a provably fair and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that enables smart contracts to access random values without compromising security or usability.

Is my MoonDoge rare?

The MoonDoge Scarcity Sheet can be checked here. Read here!

What can I do with my Doges?

Doges will be your avatar in the Ethos Metaverse. You’ll be able to explore planets, upgrade your base, and chat with friends. You’ll also gain access to compete with your Doge for a chance to earn $BioFi or “scraps”. Scraps will be used to craft in-game items such as Doge accessories, base furniture, buildings, launch pads, etc.

What is the Ethos Metaverse?

The Ethos is a realistic space metaverse built on the UNREAL Engine. The metaverse will be a mirrored image of our solar system with matching planets and moons, but it will also be overlaid with custom planets for providers and other games incorporated into the Ethos.

How do I hatch my Origin Egg?

Below the Origin and Classic Doge mint there is an incubator with two options. “Approve” and “Incubate”. First, you must approve your Doges to be incubating. This is a one-time fee that allows your Origin Egg to be sent to the incubator.  Once approved you will be able to click “Incubate”. This will send your Egg to the incubator and once complete will return a Moon Doge NFT along with a Hatch Egg Shell NFT.

How can I access the Ethos Metaverse?

The Ethos Metaverse can be downloaded here: Click Here to Download